Chris Stein

“What is art?

I question that on a daily bases. I try evoking the work that I do. When the viewer has an emotional connection to the work or even takes a second look then I believe a connection has been made. The desire to be in this world and question our surrounding is a good things.

What is inside the box? There is art. The question is does it match the couch or wallpaper? To me, it does not matter, but it may matter to you. Spending my life in constant turmoil is not always a good thing. I realized that I can produce painting or sculpture, but can I produce feeling.

Born in Dodge City, went to Sacred Heart, first art class in Jr. High, then High School, then DCCC, then on to Pittsburg State, worked construction for 30 plus years, in between I taught design, painting, weaving, ceramics, drawing, metal-smithing, etc. at Community College and St. Mary’s. Donated countless works of art ot a number of charities.

I have enjoyed the 2nd Ave. Art Guild being with other artists learning and exploring.”