Norma Clare

Norma Clare has been involved in a variety of art projects throughout her life. Her artwork can be found in the private and businesss sector across the United states. She has received numerous fine arts awards as well as teaching awards in both Kansas and Oklahoma. With public exposure from historical murals painted at Boothill Museum in Dodge City, KS and the Pioneer and Indian Museum in Woodward OK, her work has been appreciated by a wide range of viewers.

Becoming an art teacher early in her career (late 60’s – early 70’s) opened up her true education. Art students can create very interesting problems that have to be worked through. sharing solutions is what it’s all about. She is classified as a versatile artist, with the ability to work in more than one medium on a varied assortment of surfaces, having painted on just about anything “that will hold still.”

Art is the fountainhead of her life. She offers Native American as well as Western themes to her art. Always learning and processing she keeps her art new and exciting. Each painting is a process that takes on a life of its own, changing as it develops, sometimes heading in a different direction that was planned. The viewer gets pulled into ones imagination, beyond the subject, and makes the piece their own, letting the spirit of the west live on.

Norma makes it a point to stay involved with the western heritage of Dodge City and the original inhabitants of our national grasslands, the Native American. Remember the west so others can too.